Turtle Creek Subscription Agreement

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IMPORTANT: To make sure we have your correct email address, use the “Connect mailing list” form on the right side of the screen to enter your email address directly into our web messaging system. New subscribers will receive a confirmation email to verify that you have been added to the mailing list.4 Choose your type of sharing: Full or Every-Other-Week (EOW)5. Calculate your total payment and choose a payment option: -Full payment: Send your cheque for payment with the completed form.-Pay in full: by credit card via our online farm at FarmMatch, fill out the completed form and send it by email. Contractor – Construction: Understanding and Agreement for Contractors / Unit Construction and Addendum Flooring We are not trying time for the market, and we think investors should not try to do so. Room rentals: understanding and agreement for booking and using Common Element Facilities Identify the right companies. We believe that the most important decision we make is to decide which of the thousands of public enterprises deserves our constant time and attention. We strive to identify very smart companies – strong companies with solid and honest management that increase their cash flow value3 over time. If you look at all the public companies through this lens, we believe that most do not occur. We are an independent investment management company with a 22-year history and a focus on long-term capital growth for families, institutions and wealth advisors. We try to minimize risk through a thorough and in-depth understanding of each of our investments and a unique process that allows us to continuously optimize our portfolios. Partners are oriented so that few other companies can compete – all their fixed assets are invested with our customers.

Get to know the companies and determine the value of cash flow. We spend a lot of time and effort assessing the risks and opportunities that are available to each company and incorporate these assessments into a financial model to determine its cash flow value. This value is roughly the price a buyer would pay for the whole business – we`re not trying to be conservative, we`re trying to do it right. We are also attentive to the financial leverage of the company and we believe that the price of an investment is the biggest risk factor. While developing a value vision requires a lot of effort, it prepares us for events that inevitably occur (either in relation to the market or specifically for the company) that cause significant changes in the company`s share price. All newsletters are emailed. (Links to last season`s newsletters are archived on our website.) Key: Unit Key Agreement (to leave the keys with concierge) Personal trainer: understanding and agreement regarding the personal trainer We are not a typical value investor. The first thing we want people to know about us is that we do things differently: our approach is different; Our methodology is different. and the companies we invest in tend to be different. We were founded on a new idea ā€” a new way to invest in long-term public equities ā€” with a focus on reducing risk.

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