Machine Selling Agreement

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3. The price of this machine and equipment is in Rs. … whose company pays the seller an amount of Rs. … as serious money and partial payment of the price indicated before the delivery of said machine and equipment and the balance will be paid within one week by the installation of said machine and equipment in the factory of the company and the commissioning of it. CONSIDERING that the seller has a machine for making … and proposes to sell the change that the company has agreed to purchase the same on the basis of “Turn Key” on the following terms that have been agreed between the parties. 13. After receiving the final payment from the purchaser under this contract, the seller must comply with the other assurances that the buyer reasonably requires to ensure that the device is free of any pledges and charges. Construction companies often use joint ventures to pool resources and pursue major projects. This joint venture agreement model can be completed in minutes and helps you and your partner reach a legally binding joint venture agreement. 12.

The seller guarantees that the machine and equipment in question are free of mechanical defects in the processing and quality of the equipment used for this purpose in normal use and service. The seller also guarantees that the seller will perform repairs at his own expense if the machine and equipment in question fail or require repairs due to such a mechanical defect or treatment during a year (as a warranty period). on said machine in this case the cost of repairs will be on behalf of the company. 14. During this warranty period, the seller has the right to visit and inspect the machine and equipment mentioned by his technical experts and mechanics to keep the same thing in working order, and the company must provide all necessary facilities in this context. The company occasionally takes instructions and instructions from the seller or its technical experts. The company also provides sufficient space in its factory for the storage and storage of the seller`s control devices and spare parts. 8. The installation will be completed by the seller within eight days from the date of the machine and equipment mentioned, but if the installation is delayed over eight days due to the company`s delay in the delivery of all necessary things and in the execution of all provisions for the installation, including the supply of electricity and other things , that the company must pay in addition to the fees mentioned above, the fees or fees that must be paid to the salesperson`s employees of technical experts, mechanics and others. However, if the installation delay is more than eight days on behalf of the seller, the seller bears and bears all these additional expenses.

The format is adapted to deal with particular situations where commercial machines are mostly sold by parties that regularly operate in such machines. The buyer may be a user or a reseller. The seller may be a dealer or the original owner. In the event of a delay, the seller can exercise this option without notice or invitation to the buyer and all the buyer`s devices and rights are then handed over to the seller; In the event of a delay, the seller may take possession of the devices, if they have been found in court, with or without trial, enter and remove the agreed premises without liability for the purchaser`s actions, actions or other procedures; to retain, sell, sell, sell or sell the equipment or to retain the equipment as the seller chooses without respecting the buyer`s commitment under this agreement; all unpaid payments due without prejudice to the seller`s right to recover possession of the equipment.

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