Homestay Agreement

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They made a good choice to host an international student on a short-term foster family (Homestay), an experience that we know is unique and rewarding for every member of the Homestay family. 9.6 Full agreement: This welcome agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties and replaces and replaces all prior assurances, negotiations or agreements regarding its purpose. (e) the homestay management system, which is offered via the website under 5.3 AHN will always process your personal data and personal customer data in accordance with its privacy policy, available on Welcome to the Australian Homestay Network. We are Australian Homestay Network Pty Ltd (ACN 124 610 313) (AHN). We manage the network; Connecting guests to guests; and offer guests, guests and other parties to student host families with first-class administration and assistance services. To ensure that all students and their host families are well prepared to share a common home, we have a foster family that both parties automatically accept when they accept/make a reservation with Churchill House. This agreement is as follows: 8.5 A host may, by other means, notify AHN of any complaint concerning a host or host family, and AHN will make reasonable economic efforts to resolve or support the complaint. The fees we pay to the NHS for services, as indicated by AHN from time to time in writing, as well as any other fees or fees, as agreed or required by law, including GST; 9.5 Applicable law: This host agreement is governed by the laws of Queensland and the parties irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the courts. (b) use services and behave appropriately, respectfully and responsibly during a stay with a host family; 7.4 Subject to clauses 7.1 and 7.2, to the extent that ahn is otherwise liable for losses, costs, damages or claims related to services, foster families or host contracts (including negligence), AHN is liable within 12 months immediately preceding the date: c) AHN, at its own discretion, that it is appropriate to immediately terminate the host`s request for a host, aggregated at a fee paid or to be paid in the 12 months immediately preceding the date on which the means is incurred (c) AHN also determines, at its discretion, that the host family should be immediately announced at the request of a host. 5.1 Hosts and AHN undertake to treat confidentially the terms and conditions of this host contract as well as any information or documentation received in connection with this host agreement or a host family (confidential information). (c) be developed independently of the receiving party; or (d) not to do or refrain from doing or refraining from committing or refraining from committing fraudulent acts in connection with a foster family or services; deceptive and/or misleading, negligent, unlawful, immoral, offensive or reasonably likely to violate or violate a person`s rights 8.1 A host may immediately terminate a foster family (before or after the start) by notifying AHN if the client has committed theft, damaged property, caused injury or violent or threatening behaviour (or any other behaviour that renders a person inside a home dangerous) in relation to the foster home.

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