The Actors Feature Film Collective Agreement 2012

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Our suite of negotiated contracts and bid contracts is regularly updated and is available to members under exclusive license or on a project basis. These resources are the copyright of Screen Producers Australia, which is owned with respect to negotiated agreements and is entirely related to model contracts. The unauthorized use of these resources is a violation of Screen Producers Australia`s rights and is being monitored appropriately. The AFFCA is a common collective agreement between Media Entertainment Arts Alliance (MEAA) and Screen Producers Australia, which covers pay rates, terms of employment and remaining rights and payments for all interpreters of the Australia this book option agreement if a production company wishes to create a film or production based on an author`s book. If you are not currently a member but would like to access the agreements, please complete our industrial application form. The chords are constantly updated, but let us know if you can`t find what you need. This model contract is intended for the engagement of actors for broadcasting programs after July 11, 2016 under ATRRA MOU 2016, as agreed by the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) and Screen Producers Australia. This standard contract is intended for the commitment of extras and stand-ins for the production of feature films. This previous “Artist`s Deal Memo” is intended for producers who will hire actors/artists for feature films as part of the Actors Features Feature Collective Agreement (AFFCA). This model contract is intended for the engagement of ATRRA 2000 actors, as agreed by the Media and Arts Alliance (MEAA) and Australia`s screen producers. Note: can only be used in certain circumstances after July 11, 2016.

See point 6 of ATRRA MOU 2016 5.11. The Australian Film Commission (AFC), the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS), Australia and the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) worked on these safety guidelines for the film and television industry, published in 1995. SASA is an agreement between the Australian Writer`s Guild (AWG) and Screen Producers Australia on the agreed terms of payment for a writer`s services and the acquisition of work rights for Australian television series and series. This artist`s memoir deal (television) is intended to be used by producers who will engage actors/artists to perform in a drama/comedy series, drama/comedy series (extra-diversity), a sketch comedy, pilot or individual game program for the tv show This model was prepared with the Commission for Victorian Children and Young People`s Guide for Creating a Child Safe Organization, December 2015. It is only availab llT is provided to Screen Producers Australia members. This model contract is intended for the engagement of authors under SASA, as agreed by the Australian Writers` Guild and Screen Producers Australia. This script editor`s agreement is intended for use in which a production company wants to instruct a script editor to work on designing a screenplay for a movie. . This producer agreement is intended to be used when a production company wishes to assign a single producer to work on a production and that manufacturer is the employee of another company (the lender).

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