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Intellectual property refers to the creations of the mind and includes trademarks, designs, logos, trade secrets, business knowledge, copyrights and patents. Subject to the terms of this contract, VENDOR grants the DISTRIBUTOR, during the lifetime, a non-exclusive right and license to (a) market the software to end-users; (b) acquire software licenses for distribution to end-users; and (c) distribute software and licenses to end-users. DISTRIBUTOR may use VENDOR names, brands, service marks, trade names, product names and logos in relation to the software (VENDOR brands) for advertising, distribution and advertising of the software to end-users. The DISTRIBUTOR agrees not to modify, modify, hide, remove or modify a vendor trademark without THE prior consent of VENDOR. VENDOR is responsible for awarding an end-user contract to any end user authorized to use the Software. The distributor agrees not to change or modify an end user agreement. Background of this recommendation: in the absence of a separate licensing agreement, the use of the trademarks by the distributor will not be made in favour of the trademark holder. Potential risk: The distributor may request the removal of trademarks because of their non-use. Before preparing a licensing agreement, we will evaluate your business model to ensure that your business model will not be covered by the Franchise Code of Conduct (code) because you do not want to create a franchise by mistake. The precise terms of a distribution/licensing agreement differ depending on the parties and the context. Regardless of the circumstances, it is always advantageous for a trademark holder to take into account at an early stage the issues addressed in this article in negotiations with a potential distributor, in order to better manage its own trademark rights and increase the value of those trademarks. The fees charged by VENDOR DISTRIBUTOR for end-user licenses for the software that DISTRIBUTOR can order below are exposed to Schedule A. The royalties in this agreement do not include sales or usage taxes arising from the order of software by distributor under this agreement.

Vendor Distributor may charge sales and usage taxes resulting from the distributor`s ordering of the software, unless exempt. For all fees and other costs under this Agreement, VENDOR DISTRIBUTOR invoices without delay and invoices are due within [number] days following receipt of DISTRIBUTOR. Typically, a distribution report gives a distributor the right to sell branded items. However, in practice, it is generally necessary for a distributor to encourage and advertise branded products for potential customers in order to generate sales. Such activities certainly have an impact on the goodwill or good reputation of a branded product. VENDOR provides distributor of all damages, costs, penalties, claims, Claims Business and expenses (including, but not limited to legal fees and fees) are free, defended and condemned unscathed distributor, of all damages, costs, penalties, claims, claims, means and expenses (including fees and fees of law) of infringement by patent software, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade secrets or other intellectual property rights. DISTRIBUTOR undertakes to notify THE VENDOR immediately after the distributor has been aware of a right that gives rise to an obligation to compensate in accordance with this section; provided that the non-disclosure of such a notification does not affect the right to be exempted in accordance with this section, unless the VENDOR is actually affected.

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