Starting new

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Wow, it’s been a while. But now that the first novel is complete, and I’m onto the second, it’s time to connect again. A blog is a wonderful way to keep memories. Can’t believe that I’ve left this so long. I am taking this opportunity to wish myself luck on this next big journey. I’m so excited.

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Coldest August in 30 Years

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I need a new wetsuit, a new attitude or both. I haven’t surfed in 3 weeks. 3 weeks! I’m cold all the time and the thought of putting on a wetsuit and getting into 16 degree water is just all too much.

This morning, the Today Show said that NSW Australia is experiencing the coldest August in 30 years. I believe it. It’s not helping to change my attitude though . . .

Shakespeare’s challenge

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“There is a tide in the lives of men that, when taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.” – William Shakespeare

Good luck this week, Mark.

Thanks Momma

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Thanks Momma, I say, this fine Monday. At 6:45am, I cast an eye around a sliver of vertical blind. Royal blue sky and not a lick of wind. No toast and tea at the beach this morning. It was my version of a rush at home and I was in the water at 7:30am. I didn’t look at the internet before going either. So, imagine my delight to discover that, for once, ignorance worked in my favour. I was wrong about the school holidays. They don’t start until next week. So, rather than a hundred groms buzzing around my head, I was met with two, yes TWO, other surfers at Dee Why Beach. How ’bout them apples? Ok, so the surf had dropped, a lot. But the sun shone warm on my chest, the waves were glassy and welcomed me into a few pockets. And it was a grand morning to be alive and be a surfer. Top o’ the day to the rest of ya. 😉 

anyone remember this one?

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Good morning. Snooping around my files, I came across this funny one again. If only math was this easy. Find x.
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The sun is finally out

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In more ways than one. Wet storms finally left us this morning. With the good news from Canada that Dad is already on the mend in a big way, I can’t help but feel the positivity of the day.

I should have been out having a surf this morning, but I got stuck doing video transfers and conversions and then got into the time-absorbing task of  . . . play ominous music here . . . web site updating. Spare me. I must get a life.

hard times

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I love you, Dad.

Hard times come. The day before yesterday started my dad’s turn. He’s had a stroke, you see. It’s a small one and he’s expected to recover. Strong man, and brilliant. It’s horrible not to be able to run to him.

I love you, Dad.

Where is it all?

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With all the writing that I’ve done, it should be easy. You’d think I could jam together enough content for 15 portfolios within a few clicks of the mouse.

Not so. Reading, re-reading, musing. I’m like Alice down the rabbit hole: in la la land for ages remembering the fun that each project was. Sound corny? Cliche even? nyuck, nyuck. It’s a cliche that few can claim. 😉


Welcome to my place

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I’m Shari Hooper, Canadian living in Australia, and I wanted this url because it is my name. Soon, there will be stories here. Fiction and true, short and long. I think I’ll start an ongoing one about . . . you’ll soon see. 

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